State-of-the-Art Offshore Water Treatment Facility

Used for critical life support system for offshore oil platforms, this particular unit is for the North Sea installation.

The package consists of 2  X 100% trains, each consisting of a two stage pre-treatment skid, Reverse Osmosis skid with high pressure boosting pumps, and Mineralizer skid.

All the necessary automated valves and instrumentation for monitoring incoming and outgoing water quality to produce safe drinking water from seawater.

High alloy material used throughout, special attention to noise and vibration isolation was included on this package.

Studley was responsible for the installation of the pipework, steelwork & equipment, along with testing and commissioning support.

Studley Electrical undertook the installation of electrical, control and instrumentation, cabling and containment, including testing, detailed compex inspections and commissioning support.

Together the Studley team provided the capability to deliver the complete scope of services, ensuring a high-quality, safe single-service engineering solution

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